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Actually i am not the old james burke from Connections fame, (although my dad gave me the same name probably as a consequence of being inspired by the original JB). I am only 35 yrs old...
Good to hear you found these articles on collective intelligence. Nova is working on some semantic web stuff in stealth mode, not heard a dikkie-bird from him. In the meantime there is a lot of work taking place going into building parts of this. A fun book to read also if you are into singularities is Charles Stross' Accelerando, a mindbogling sci-fi read!


Hey James,

Thanks for the correction. After following your blog a bit more, plus your interest in Open Integral, I realized that you were a different Burke, though I believe you are on track to matching or exceeding the impact on the world of your namesake. Keep that light held high! Thanks,

- David

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