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I can be reached at: david (at) metastorming (dot) com.

I've got three simultaneous and complimentary gigs:

1) THEORETICAL: Defined Interdependent System of Orientation. This is a framework for navigating in abstract conceptual space via context. I'm co-authoring a book on the topic with someone who has been working on this for 18 years (I've been involved for just over a year). The above is a mouthful, but I can boil it down to this: There are three basic "logics" that govern the way individuals interact in groups. First logic is coexistance (this corresponds to upper left autonomy and is modeled by scarcity, or economic theory (supply and demand). Second logic is coincidence, or connectivity. This corresponds to the two right quadrants and is modelled by network theory (Wolfram, etc.). Third logic is cooperation. This is organizational theory in which groups form a "we" (lower left). This is governed by established policies and agreements. Most analyis focuses on one of these logics, but noticing that all three coexist, and focusing specifically on the interdependencies gives deeper insight to the workings of the whole. (I-space)

2) PRACTICAL/PRACTICE: Formation of groups that embrace, wrestle and refine the theory. This is work that I'm doing with Alex (you too). (WE-space)

3) TOOLS: This is really my passion and the thing I was discussing when I first met with Alex. Although the tools don't create community, they can help remove the barriers that get in the way of community forming on its own. My intent is to leverage individual action to such an extent that the boundary between I and WE virtually dissolves. (IT/ITS-space).


Emergence, integral theory, collective intelligence, innovation, future studies, transformational technologies for individuals and organizations, open source culture.