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Michael Aschenbach

Hi David,
I stumbled across your blog by the usual forgotten chain of surf clicks. Of the posts I have read so far, this one seemed most in line with what I have been writing about in VISION 3000. You mention the desire "to find some generalizations that help me better understand my intuitive grasp of the situation." Yes, complexity management is at the heart of it, isn't it? We have only so much attention space to allocate to grasping reality. ... Or do we? My experience has been one of periodic expansions, but -- so what? The river is always bigger than the "opposablemind." We need to always reach for something beyond that calls us. My first stab at setting out such meta-generalizations may offer an interesting model. See the Transformation Model www.emergingvisionmedia.com
and also various chapters in VISION 3000, available at the same site.

The style may be old-school book medium, but what it lacks in postmodern anarchic sparkle it makes up for in integrated focus. For example, it is the need for resolving some of the kinds of questions you so intelligently raise that led me to interpose a new wave of evolution (vMEME) between postmodern Green and integral Yellow that I call transformational Golden Olive. There is an intuitive grasp, then there is a progressively more disciplined search for understanding of that intuition. Only then do the cognitive lines of development achieve degrees of integration.

I believe the media/knowledge deluge first drives us crazy, then provides the means for our healing, see Chapter 7 Media Development. What Joy and Kurzweil each say is not wrong but incomplete, as is also true of my vision. It is, like everything, an unfolding process, a Prigoginic self-organizing something.

We need better vision to make our way through this period of transition. I like the way you point out the lack of self-referential relativity in the 'scientific' ego: that everything but us acts like billiard balls. Yet clearly, if we are truely scientific, truely awake, there is much more going on than piles of rushing molecules (that are really just concepts that we made up to explain the flow of the river). Perhaps we notice that "intention" and "chance" are also word/concepts. One points at the eddy along the bank and says there that's chance; another points at the rapid flow in the middle and says there that's intention.

On a final note, I rather like email better than squeezing my words into this little comment box, but then, I'm a bit of a primitive and email is not public in the same way as blogspace. ...

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